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Automate Your Appointment Setting Process

Through our 3 Part System, Not Only Will You Get More Leads, But You'll Be Able To Book More Appointments. All With Less Work.

Automate Your Appointment Setting Process

Through our 3 Part System, Not Only Will You Get More Leads, But You'll Be Able To Book More Appointments. All With Less Work.

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Here at , we always put our clients first. The only way we will succeed is if you succeed, so our promise is that we will do whatever possible to get you more exposure, more quality leads, more appointments, more sales, and more deals closed.

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Social Meia Manager

Ana Leyva is a leader in her industry. An Art Director and Director of Creative services for Fortune 500 Companies. Her high level of standards and dedication to quality has been the basis for her success in helping producing excellent results for her clients marketing vision and brand building goals. Ana’s agency, Social Net Digital Marketing now offers updated comprehensive digital marketing services.  

Ana entered into the industry as a Graphics Designer for the Fashion Industry where she designed fashion trend graphics for companies such as Guess Jeans and Later B.U.M. Equipment.

At that time, the industry was going through changes, which changed employed graphic designers into freelance Graphics Designers in order to cut costly Harware and software costs associated with a design department.

As a freelance Graphics Designer, Ana's doors opened wide to new opportunities. In Los Angeles, a marketing firm McIntosh & Associates partnered with Ana as Art Director/Graphics designer and print prod. Manager for food and beverage product labels and packages.

Services included: point of purchase store sales displays, beverage packaging, and corporate branding identity packages for company wall-street investors. Products included Arebica gourmet coffee packages to coffee cola bottle labels.

During this growth period, on the side as independent contractor, expanded into the music industry with private client,-Universal Music Records. There as a record label designer, Ana designed CD record lable covers for for Artist such as David Benoit,-jazz pianist now on 94.7 The Wave radio station.

Then later with private client, also entered into dance performance art industry contracted as Art Director and Graphics Designer for CAL-State University-Charles Fine Arts Complex for the Performing Arts. There she executed yearly dance performance events calendars as well as AD campaigns for dance performance artist of the week.

Ana’s later was awarded a contract on behalf of ACT•1 Personnel Agency, (a nationwide staffing Agency )where Ana was consulted to represent creative talent to clients such as: SONY, Universal Records and Toyota Corporation.

after one year of success she was recognized and awarded the corporate management of TOYOTA on-site creative studio at Toyota Corporate campus in Torrance, CA.,-- TOYOTA Print & Graphics. There Ana expanded her creative experience into executive level creative management.

Ana spent six months negociations and planning of the transition on behalf of ACT•1 Personnel Agency. This included strategy, costs, and transition requirements.

After the successful completion of the take-over transition phases, Ana was awarded the Director of Creative Services and Art Director of the creative staff for newly established Creative studio on-site Toyota Corporate Campus called Enterprise Communications.


She worked with five sales executives each managing an average of 70 accounts each. With support of a traffic and production coordinator, Ana managed seven (7) full time Sr. Designers and a pool of 30 freelance designers, writers, editors, photographers as needed. She also contracted local studios for large projects. Ana was responsible for the profits and losses of the company as well as producing weekly client project production status reports.

After the successful completion of the department quality controlled work-flow structure and the Art Direction of about an average of 70 projects per month for one year.

Ana there after accepted an offer from E-COMM SYSTEMS company owner Rita Chan to establish a division called Interactive Studio. This was to become the interface division for the web development firm located in Marina Del Rey California. As Executive Director, Ana staffed, structured, priced and managed client accounts successfully.  

Today Ana leverages her extensive creative and executive experience to help mid to large companies achieve their digital marketing goals.

Ana's company, Social Net Digital Marketing offers full comprehensive digital marketing services. There is no doubt, that with Ana’s friendly and professional team support on your side, your business growth into the next level is just a step away. :)


Enterprise Comunication

On Toyota Corporate Campus in Torrance Ca. Director of Creative Services


Enterprise Comunication

On Toyota Corporate Campus in Torrance Ca.


Enteractive Studio

Executive Director

A Division of EccomSystems a Software Development Firm in Marina Del Rey CA Ca.

A Division established by Ana Leyva on Behalf of Owner Rita Chan

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